Requesting Entity: Baybay Printshop

Issues Concern: Period of Payment after the Delivery of Goods


Clarification on the period of payment by the procuring entity after full delivery by the supplier of the goods subject of procurement.

Except with the prior approval of the President, no payment shall be made for services not yet rendered or for supplies and materials not yet delivered under this Contract. Ten percent (10%) of the amount of each payment shall be retained by the Procuring Entity to cover the Supplier`s warranty obligations under the Contract as described in GCC Clause 17. The Supplier`s request(s) for payment shall be made to the Procuring Entity in writing, accompanied by an invoice describing, as appropriate, the goods delivered and/or services performed, and by documents submitted pursuant to the Special Conditions of the Contract (SCC) provision for GCC Clause 6.2, and upon fulfillment of other obligations stipulated in the Contract. Pursuant to GCC Clause 10.2, payments shall be made promptly by the Procuring Entity, but in no case later than sixty (60) days after submission of an invoice or claim by the Supplier.