GPPB – TSO: With your trust and support, and our commitment towards a responsive and proactive procurement, we, in the GPPB-TSO, are here to make things happen!

On 30 January 2023, the GPPB – TSO celebrated its 20th anniversary with the conduct of the CY 2022 Recognition and Awards Ceremony.

Since ED Ruiz was trusted the helm in GPPB – TSO in October 2018, ED has been rallying with her team for a responsive, proactive, and responsive Philippine Procurement System. The many procurement reforms and initiatives led by ED Ruiz was impossible to put into reality without the unrelenting efforts and extraordinary services provided by her team, fueled by the public’s trust and support. In recognition of GPPB – TSO personnel and team who have demonstrated admirable performance in achieving the agency’s mandate in CYs 2019 and 2020, ED Ruiz directed the conduct of the first ever GPPB – TSO Recognition and Awards Program in December 2020.

The event places spotlights on team members (Going the Extra Mile Award or GEM, GEM of the Year Award, and Rising Star Award), team (Special Commendation, Next Dream Team Award, and Dream Team Award), and team leaders (Salmon Award and Phronetic Leadership Award) who stood out in the year on a particular set of criteria mostly related to skills on leadership, teamwork, communication, work values, and integrity.

Congratulations, CY 2022 GPPB-TSO awardees!