The Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB), through its Technical Support Office (TSO), has achieved a major step in promoting Green Public Procurement (GPP) with the recent approval and execution of the Philippine First Sustainable Recovery Development Policy Loan (DPL) agreement between the Philippine government and the World Bank-International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). The loan amount of US$750 million will be funding projects that will bolster the country’s policy reforms aimed at strengthening environmental protection and climate resilience.

The DPL series comprises three (3) key pillars with specific development objectives, structured as follows: (i) Pillar 1 focuses on accelerating economic recovery by stimulating private sector investment in renewable energy, promoting green investment and job growth, and enhancing the investment regime and public-private partnership framework; (ii) Pillar 2 aims to protect the environment and improve climate resilience through the reduction, recovery, and recycling of plastic waste, as well as the upscaling of green procurement utilizing the government’s purchasing power; and (iii) Pillar 3 emphases fiscal management improvements, including revenue augmentation, expenditure containment, and reducing fiscal risks associated with the agriculture sector. The inclusion of the GPP as a critical area for environmental protection and climate resilience enhancement under Pillar 2 marks a significant milestone. This signals the first time government procurement has been integrated into the DPL.

With the support of the WB-IBRD funding and the collective efforts of all concerned stakeholders from both private and public sectors, the GPPB and its TSO anticipate to make substantial strides in fostering a greener and more resilient economy and further advancing the country’s commitment to sustainable development.