The GPPB adopted the use of Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicators (APCPI) System on 1 June 2012 as the standard procurement monitoring, assessment and evaluation tool which aim to determine, in a qualitative and quantitative manner, procurement strengths and weaknesses of agencies, and formulate a reasonable action plan to address identified areas for improvement while adopting measures to sustain strengths alongside a competitive, transparent, economical, efficient and accountable public procurement regime.

The APCPI is based on the Base Line Indicator and Compliance and Performance Indicator Systems of OECD DAC Methodology for the Assessment of National Procurement Systems (MAPS), the Agency Procurement Performance Indicators (APPI), and the Online Monitoring and Evaluation System (OMES) used by GPPB to measure and evaluate agency procurement practices. The most recent version of the APCPI consists of four (4) pillars, sixteen (16) indicators and forty one (41) sub-indicators.