On 14 June 2023, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released its 2022 Federal/National Government’s Report on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Indicator 12.7.1 wherein the Philippines through the Government Procurement Policy Board – Technical Support Office (GPPB-TSO) was commended for its good performance on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP).

The UNEP report assessed the level of SPP implementation in a country by looking into its SPP policy, SPP provisions, mandatory SPP, legal framework, practical support, environmental criteria, SPP criteria, and monitoring mechanisms, among others. For the 2021 performance, the Philippines obtained a higher score in the areas on practical support, environmental criteria, and monitoring mechanisms compared to the year 2020. The country was even commended for its good performance on its SPP provisions (SPP policy and mandatory SPP), environmental considerations, and monitoring mechanisms. In fact, the Philippines obtained the highest score across the globe for its monitoring mechanisms. This includes the review, monitoring, feedback, and publication of green public procurement performance led by the GPPB-TSO Green Public Procurement team in the second semester of 2021.

The GPPB-TSO enrolled the Philippines in the UNEP SDG Indicator 12.7.1 Assessment in October 2020 to upscale the GPP implementation in the country. Since then, the country was assessed for its 2020 and 2021 SPP performance.