Presidential Decree

Presidential Decree No. 1948
July 18, 1984
Increasing the Capital Outlay for "Pakyaw" Contracts by Amending Presidential Decree Numbered Nine Hundred Fifty

Presidential Decree No. 1764
January 11, 1981
Requiring Compliance with Competitive Bidding Regulations and Adoption of Uniform General Terms and Conditions in Case of Certain Government and Private Contracts

Presidential Decree No. 1177
July 30, 1977
Revising the Budget Process in Order to Institutionalize the Budgetary Innovations of the New Society

Presidential Decree No. 950
June 22, 1976
Increasing the Capital Outlay for "Pakyaw" Contracts by Amending Section 1917 of the Revised Administrative Code

Presidential Decree No. 415
March 19, 1974
Authorizing the Secretary of National Defense to Enter into Defense Contracts to Implement Projects Under the Self-Reliant Defense Programs and for other purposes

Presidential Decree No. 81
December 14, 1972
Amending certain provisions of Republic Act numbered four thousand eight hundred sixty, as amended (Re: Foreign Borrowing Act)