GPPB approves Circular on Emergency Procurement under the Bayanihan Act

The Government Procurement Policy Board has issued Resolution No. 06-2020 approving the Guidelines for Emergency Procurement under the Bayanihan Act.

The Circular, which became effective April 12, 2020, will cover all procurement authorized under RA No. 11469 or the Bayanihan Act.

The procedure and requirements while similar to those provided under Negotiated Procurement (Emergency Cases) has new provisions meant to address the issues faced by Procuring Entities (PEs) given the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and the peculiar urgency in the provision of medical supplies and equipment, particularly personal protective equipment, to government hospitals and facilities.

Among these are the provision on direct purchase from local farmers meant to support them and the government in the supply of agricultural products as part of the relief efforts under the Social Amelioration Program.

A special repeat order is also allowed to enable PEs to re-order from previously awarded suppliers and expedite the delivery of goods.

In light of the ECQ, the Circular expressly allows the use of digital signature and similar means on all procurement documents as well as the submission through electronic mail of the required documents.

Finally, to enhance transparency and accountability, a GPPB Online Portal for Emergency Procurement under the Bayanihan Act was established to allow for the online posting of all awarded contracts under this Circular.

View/Download file:  GPPB Resolution No. 06-2020