GPPB issues Circular Enhancing Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance in Procurement


Responding to frequent queries on posting requirements, the GPPB issued Circular No. 01-2021 which provides a user-friendly checklist that guides Procuring Entities (PE) on posting requirements under Republic Act No. 9184 and associated issuances, and recently as required under Administrative Order (AO) No. 34, series of 2020. The Circular also includes the newspaper publication of post-award information of contracts with an approved budget of P50 million and above, as mandated by AO No. 34, s. 2020.

Moreover, in light of the limitations brought about by the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the Circular requires PEs to provide online access to observers where they can monitor all stages of the procurement process until such time that the modernized PhilGEPS becomes operational and is able to provide such facility.

Further, to caution the public against erring suppliers, contractors and consultants; help the PEs in the conduct of their post-qualification; and intensify the government’s transparency policies so the public is informed, this Circular reiterates the mandatory use by all PEs of the Online Blacklisting Portal and further mandates agencies under the Executive Department to post the Consolidated Blacklisting Report on their websites and social media platforms.