Procurement Survey

What is your gender?




You are the/member of:

  1. Head of the Procuring Entity

  2. Bids and Awards Committee Member

  3. Technical Working Group

  4. Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat

  5. Procurement Unit /Procurement Division /Procurement Service

  6. End-user

  7. Contractors/Suppliers


What is your end goal in procurement?

  1. To provide/deliver goods/services as stated in the contract without delay

  2. To provide/deliver the right kind of goods/services based on your needs

  3. To provide/deliver goods/services right away when I need them

  4. To have a procurement that is compliant with the Procurement law, rules and regulations

  5. To have a procurement that does not have any COA AOM or disallowance

  6. To provide/deliver the most economical goods


What to you is the main issue in procurement?

  1. Delay in the delivery of goods/services

  2. Delivery of the wrong (not what end-users actually need) despite compliance with technical specifications

  3. Delivery of lower quality of goods/services than planned or expected

  4. Lack of planning

  5. Limited budget

  6. No or limited suppliers/contractors interested


Do you conduct Data Analytics for your procurement?



DATA ANALYTICS - (DA) is the process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain, increasingly with the aid of specialized systems and software.