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  1. 1. Only the procuring entity’s (PE) authorized representative can register in the OBP.

    Who is the PE's authorized representative?

    PE's authorized representative (also known as Official User), is the duly designated personnel by the Head of the Procuring Entity, through an Office Order or any equivalent document, upon the recommendation of the Bids and Awards Committee taking into consideration the following qualifications:

    1. He/she has knowledge and familiarity with the blacklisting procedures;
    2. Holding a plantilla position in the PE;
    3. He/she has no pending case involving moral turpitude and violations enumerated under Section 65 of Republic Act (RA) No. 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR);
    4. He/she is technically capable to use an online system or program; and
    5. He/she is known to embody honesty and integrity.


  2. The PE complies strictly with the rules and procedures in accordance with GPPB Resolution 14-2020 and GPPB Circular 03-2020.

  4. The PE reads and agrees with the Terms and Conditions of the system and the Blacklisting Guidelines prior to use/access of the OBP.
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