NPM 062-2013

Requesting Entity: APO Production Unit, Inc. (APO)

Issues Concern: Printing of Social Security System (SSS) Forms



Clarification on the propriety of the plan of SSS to procure printing services for some of its forms (RS5, R5, and R6) through public bidding.

The Guidelines on the Procurement of Printing Services (Guidelines) defines Accountable Forms as those that are "individually identified, accounted for, and afforded appropriate security", and refers to its Annex A for the list of Accountable Forms. Annex A of the Guidelines classifies Accountable Forms into two types, namely: (i) those identified by Recognized Government Printers (RGP) and (ii) those identified by procuring entities. It should be noted that SSS Forms RS5, R5, and R6 are not among those under the first category as identified by the RGPs. Instead, the Guidelines includes SSS accountable forms under the second category, i.e., specialized types of accountable forms determined by the procuring entity.

In this regard, we are of the view that SSS has the authority to identify whether SSS Forms RS5, R5, and R6 are considered Accountable Forms, and therefore subject to the Guidelines. If SSS determines that said forms are not Accountable Forms as defined in the Guidelines, printing services for its procurement may be engaged through Competitive Bidding under RA 9184 and its IRR.