NPM 061-2013

Requesting Entity: Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Regional Office (RO) XI

Issues Concern: Limited Source Bidding



Whether Limited Source Bidding is applicable to the procurement of catering services when there is only limited service providers allowed to render such service in a particular venue.

[T]he limited nature of the possible sources of the goods and services to be procured is mainly qualified by the conditions under Section 50 of the IRR of RA 9184, and not by the fact alone that there are only limited providers with which the procuring entity is permitted to engage.

Considering that, ordinarily, Catering Services are available from and is being offered by various companies in the country, and does not involve highly specialized requirements, and is undoubtedly not a major plant component, we are of the view that Limited Source Bidding cannot be resorted to in the procurement of Catering Services. In this regard, we reiterate that Competitive Bidding should be resorted to in the acquisition of the contemplated service.