NPM 015-2013

Requesting Entity: National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)

Issues Concern: Authority to Verify All Documents Submitted



Whether the statement of authority, contained in the Omnibus Sworn Statement, to verify all the submitted documents by a bidder should be directed to the Head of the Procuring Entity.

[I]t is imperative that the statement of authority be directed to the HOPE, such that failure to include statement to this effect or identification of an entity other than the HOPE or its duly authorized official in the statement warrants the disqualification of the bidder. As such, we are of the view that the statement that CBII is authorizing the Head of Palacio Del Governador Condominium Corporation, instead of the Head of NEDA or his duly authorized representative, to verify all the documents it submitted is not in compliance with Section 25.2(a)(iv)(3), and therefore merits disqualification.