NPM 167-2012

Requesting Entity: Tanjay Water District (TWD)

Issues Concern: Procurement through Shopping



Whether Shopping is the proper mode of procurement for one (1) unit pump and motor.

[T]he TWD-BAC may resort to Shopping as an alternative method of procurement provided that pump and motor is categorized as ordinary/regular office equipment or supplies as defined under Section 52.2 of the IRR of RA 9184.

Whether the Procuring Entity (PE) may proceed with the opening of the sealed quotations received in a procurement through Shopping, despite the fact that only two (2) quotations were sent.

Shopping, as an alternative method of procurement, requires that after posting of the RFQ, at least three (3) quotations are obtained by the PE concerned. Hence, after the issuance of the RFQ, the PE must obtain at least three (3) quotations before it may commence the opening and examination of the proposals.

x x x. In the event that less than three (3) quotations are obtained, the deadline for submission may be extended in order to secure the required number of price quotations.