NPM 146-2012

Requesting Entity: National Police Commission

Issues Concern: Post-disqualification



Whether a bidder should be post-disqualified outright for non-compliance with the technical specifications, or given a chance to re-submit a new product sample that is compliant with the requirements.

In the event that the verification, validation, and ascertainment conducted by the PE yield a negative result; or on the scheduled date of inspection, the bidder fails to present the sample good or equipment for examination or evaluation, the BAC has the prerogative to declare the bidder post-disqualified for failure to comply with the requirements. Additionally, in case the BAC determines that the bidder with the LCB or HRB fails the criteria for post-qualification, it shall immediately notify the said bidder in writing of its post-disqualification and the grounds therefor pursuant to Sections 34.3 and 34.5 of the revised IRR of RA 9184.