NPM 098-2012

Requesting Entity: City of Parañaque

Issues Concern: Negotiated Procurement (Emergency Cases) for temporary housing units



Whether the existing circumstances relating to the recent demolition in Silverio Compound, Parañaque City, would justify the City Government to resort to Negotiated Procurement (Emergency Cases) under Section 53.2 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 9184, for the procurement of services for the construction of temporary housing units.

The determination and accountability for the use of the alternative methods of procurement, and the conditions and circumstances upon which these are based rest primarily with the HOPE, upon prior recommendation of the BAC. Thus, because of their access to the situation in the Silverio Compound, the HOPE and BAC of the City of Paranaque are in the best position to assess, evaluate, and determine the existence of the conditions set forth under Section 53.2 of the IRR, and validate the suitability and reasonableness of the proposed project identified to address the emergency situation. Consequently, if the circumstances needed for the application of Section 53.2 of the IRR are not present, the planned construction of housing facilities (temporary or permanent) should undergo competitive bidding.