NPM 026-2012

Requesting Entity: Social Security Services

Issues Concern: Creation of Technical Working Group for the Bids and Awards Committee



Whether Technical Working Group (TWG) created under Section 12.1 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) 9184 is composed of a pool of technical, financial and/or legal experts coming from various units with various expertise or from the department/unit of the concerned agency which specializes in the procurement at hand.

We wish to confirm that although the members of the TWG created under Section 12.1 may come from the department/unit which specializes in the field or subject matter of the procurement at hand, they may also be coming from different units of the procuring entity as long as they possess the necessary legal, technical and financial expertise needed for the projects to be procured. In addition, members of the TWG need not come from the procuring agency itself, as Section 12.1 merely mentions that the members of the TWG come from a pool of technical, financial and/or legal experts. Nowhere is it mentioned that members of the TWG should exclusively belong to the procuring entity itself.