NPM 027-2006

Requesting Entity: City of San Carlos, Negros Occidental

Issues Concern: Procurement of Second-Hand or Reconditioned Firetrucks



Whether the City Government of San Carlos, Negros Occidental may initiate purchase of a second-hand or reconditioned firetruck through bidding.

[P]rocurement of second-hand equipment is allowed under R.A. 9184 as long as it is done through public bidding, or if circumstances warrant, through any of the alternative modes of procurement. Consequently, in Non-Policy Opinion (NPM) No. 138-2004, this office has resolved that purchase of a second-hand vehicle through an auction is not sanctioned by R.A. 9184.

[T]he City Government of San Carlos, Negro Occidental may procure second-hand or reconditioned firetrucks as long as it follows the bidding procedure prescribed under R.A. 9184.