NPM 017-2010

Requesting Entity: National Kidney and Transplant Institute

Issues Concern: Mixed Procurement



Guidance on the proper classification of the procurement for supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of various equipment for the National Kidney and Transplant Institute's Diagnostic Center Project.

In case of mixed procurement, Section 5 (aa) of the IRR clearly states that the procuring entity may determine its nature, i.e., whether it is goods, infrastructure projects, or consulting services, based on the primary purpose of the contract. x x x

Furthermore, this office has recognized the role of the procuring entity to determine the nature of the procurement activity considering that it is in the best position to identify the primary purpose of the contract.

Finally, please be advised that the warranty period of three months or one year, depending on the kind of goods, is prescribed by the IRR as the minimum. NKTI may extend the warranty period provided that it is clearly stated in the bidding documents.