NPM 059-2009

Requesting Entity: Jodaar Cottage Industries

Issues Concern: Eligibility Requirements/ A.O. 227



Whether or not the procuring entity may validly require prospective bidders who are either suppliers or distributors, to submit additional eligibility requirements pertaining to their manufacturer/s pursuant to A.O. 227.

The BAC, with the assistance of the Technical Working group, BAC Secretariat and end-user unit, has the prerogative and responsibility to determine pertinent information relative to public procurement, such as the terms, conditions, specifications, including additional requirements it may deem relevant, subject to existing laws and issuances.

Relative thereto, please be informed that the GPPB has already incorporated the guidelines for the application of the domestic preference rule espoused under AO 227, in Section 43, Rule XII of the revised IRR of RA 9184.