NPM 046-2009

Requesting Entity: Defensor, Teodosio, Daquilanea, Ventilacion, Averia and Associates Law Offices

Issues Concern: Amount of Bid Fees



Determination of the price to be paid for bidding documents, in relation to the bidding being conducted by the Bids and Awards Committee of Samar State University (SSU-BAC).

GPPB and its TSO only render policy and non-policy opinions respectively, on issues purely relating to the interpretation and application of our procurement laws, rules and regulations.

[C]onsidering that the circular/guidelines on the amount of bid fees has yet to be issued by the GPPB, we cannot dictate to the [procuring entity] how they should compute the same. Nonetheless, we opine that the amount to be required by the BAC should be reasonable and duly consider the procurement principles.