NPM 024-2009

Requesting Entity: Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)

Issues Concern: Appointment of any official occupying the third-ranking permanent plantilla position



As provided under Section 11.2.2 of the IRR-A of R.A. 9184, the term "permanent" refers to a plantilla position within the procuring entity concerned. It does not qualify whether the plantilla position should be contractual, regular, or appointed; rather, the concern specifically refers to whether the position exists within the organizational structure of the procuring entity.

For this reason, any person holding a position existing within the organizational structure of the procuring entity possessing the required ranking may be designated as regular BAC member, subject to disqualification provided by law. The determining factor for regular membership in the BAC is not the employment status of the person but the position he is holding. For this reason, we believe that any other department manager, who is a third-ranking official and permanent plantilla holder, may be designated as chairperson of the BAC.