NPM 011-2009

Requesting Entity: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Issues Concern: Multi-Year Contracts



Whether BSP can enter into multi-year contract agreements for requirements other than security and janitorial services

R.A. 9184 and its IRR-A are silent on the issue of multi-year contracts. The Guidelines, on the other hand, does not make any categorical pronouncement that multi-year contracts may be availed of only in the case of janitorial and security services contracts. Said Guidelines simply states that it shall be applicable to the pronouncement of janitorial and security services.

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However, it bears stressing that the general mode for government procurement, such as these multi-year contracts you are proposing, is still public bidding under R.A. 9184 and its IRR-A. In the same vein, the guidelines on MYOA, and related issuances, insofar as they may be applicable and/or appropriate, must be duly observed.