NPM 005-2009

Requesting Entity: Information Technology Support Services Sector

Issues Concern: Service Providers



Whether or not WAN service may be considered identical to or similar with internet service.

[A]s the Guidelines on Procurement of Water, Electricity, Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers are silent on the definition of internet services, and inasmuch as this Office is without power and technical expertise to determine the similarities, distinctions and other factual considerations between the two, we shall defer to categorically rule on the applicability of the Guidelines to the procurement of WAN service providers.

In view thereof, we highly encourage the BAC to consult with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT), the National Computer Center (NCC), the National Telecommunications Commissions (NTC) or other relevant government agencies for further guidance on the matter.

In any event, it is strongly recommended that the BAC proceed with the public bidding of the agency's WAN Infrastructure Project. Subject to existing guidelines on the matter, the BAC may consider extending the services of the current WAN service provider until the contract is awarded to the winning bidder. However, this is without prejudice to the responsibility of the procuring entity to conduct proper, timely and efficient procurement planning so as not to unduly interrupt necessary services and operations therein.