NPM 006-2009

Requesting Entity: Philippine International Trading Corporation

Issues Concern: Limited Source Bidding



Requesting clearance to use Limited Source Bidding in procuring various requirements of the Philippine Army.

[T}he determination and accountability for the use of Limited Source Bidding as an alternative mode of procurement rests primarily with the HOPE, upon prior recommendation of the BAC that the procuring entity was able to comply with the conditions and/or requirements thereof.

Further, we would like to note that the approval of the GPPB on the use of a particular alternative method of procurement is not required under RA 9184 and its IRR-A. However, in cases where the HOPE has made a determination that a government contract involving an amount of at least Five Hundred Million Pesos (Php 500,000,000.00) or more fails under any of the exceptions much from public bidding. The HOPE, before proceeding with the alternative methods of procurement shall obtain the approval of the GPPB that said government proposed procurement undertaking falls within the exceptions from public bidding and that the proposed specific alternative methods of procurement is appropriate.

Lastly, we would like to point out that, to date, the GPPB has not received any list of pre-selected suppliers or consultants from any government agency. Hence, there is still no list being maintained by the GPPB that may be used as basis for resorting to Limited Source Bidding.