NPM 003-2009

Requesting Entity: PAG-IBIG - Home Development Mutual Fund - Lucena Branch

Issues Concern: Computational Errors



Whether the corrected bid price of the Lowest Calculated Bid (LCB) should be used in determining the Contract Price.

Based on [Sections 32.4.1 and 32.4.4 of the IRR-A], it is clearly within the ambit of the BAC's authority to make the necessary corrections on the bidder's financial proposals since the corrected computations by the BAC shall be the basis for the determination of the LCB. Accordingly, should the total calculated bid price, as evaluated and corrected, at the same time be the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid (LCRB), then the former shall constitute the Contract Price, provided, that all other requirements and conditions imposed by the law are validly complied with.

However, in case the bidder refuses to accept the arithmetical corrections done by the BAC on its bid, it shall be disqualified and its bid security forfeited. The BAC shall, thereafter, proceed with the post-qualification of the second LCB until the LCRB is determined for award.