NPM 011-2008

Requesting Entity: Metro Midsayap Water District

Issues Concern: Infrastructure Projects Undertaken By Administration



Request for approval to undertake "by administration" the pipelaying works for the Metro Midsayap Water District Supply System Improvement/Expansion Project.

Please be advised that under the Revised Guidelines on Infrastructure Projects Undertaken by Administration, it is the Secretary of Public Works, and not the GPPB, who authorize the implementation of infrastructure projects "by administration" with cost of Five Million up to Twenty Million Pesos.

We also wish to inform you that grant of authority by the Secretary of Public Works is premised on your compliance with the following conditions:

  1. Existence of track record of having completed, or supervised a project, by administration or by contract, similar to and with a cost of at least fifty percent (50%) of the project at hand;

  2. Ownership of tools and construction equipment to be used or access to such tools and equipment owned by other government agencies;

  3. No private contractor shall be used either directly or indirectly;

  4. Procurement of goods shall be subject to the rules on public bidding; and

  5. Existence of any of the following conditions:

    1. There is an emergency arising from natural calamities or where immediate action is necessary to prevent imminent loss of life or property;

    2. Project is necessary to comply with government commitments, as certified by the concerned government authority;

    3. There was failure to award a contract after competitive bidding for a valid cause;

    4. Contract was terminated or rescinded; or

    5. Project will be undertaken in areas with critical peace and order problems as certified by the Local Peace and Order Council.