NPM 068-2007

Requesting Entity: Office of the City Legal Officer of Zamboanga

Issues Concern: Evaluation of Bids



Opinion in case of discrepancy between the unit cost in the bill of quantities and the unit cost in the detailed estimate.

In order to resolve possible discrepancies during the detailed evaluation stage, Section 32.4.3 of the IRR-A of R.A. 9184 states:

"In case of discrepancies between: (a) bid prices in figures and in words, the latter shall prevail; (b) total prices and unit prices, the latter shall prevail (c) unit cost in the detailed estimate and unit cost in the bill of quantities, the latter shall prevail." (Emphasis added)

Thus, in case of said discrepancy, the bill of quantities shall be considered in computing the financial proposal of the bidder, such as the Cash Flow by Quarter and Payment Schedule and the Total Bid Cost.