NPM 033-2007

Requesting Entity: Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

Issues Concern: Designation of the Chairman of the Bids and Awards Committee



Clarification on the designation of the Chairman of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC).

Under Section 11.2.1 of the IRR-A, the members of the BAC, including the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, shall be designated by the head of the procuring entity. For SUCs, the head of the procuring entity refers to the governing board or its duly authorized official (Section 5 [m], IRR-A).

In the case of SUCs, the BAC Chairman should be at least a third (3rd) ranking permanent official. The term "permanent" refers to a plantilla position within the procuring entity concerned (Section 11.2.1, IRR-A). According to the Personnel Services Itemization of the DBM, plantilla refers to the list of positions authorized to be created by the DBM (GPPB NPM 18-2006 dated 08 November 2006). The term "permanent" does not refer to whether the person holding the plantilla position is contractual, regular, designated or appointed; rather, the concern specifically refers to whether said position is included in the list of authorized positions created by DBM as well as whether said position is existing within the organizational structure of the procuring entity (GPPB NPM 025-2004 dated 08 March 2004).

As discussed above, the Board of Trustees is considered the head of the procuring entity and thus the first in rank. This being the case, the second in rank would have to be the President of the state college. The third in rank would be any of the two (2) Vice-Presidents.

Based on the foregoing, since the position of Vice President for Administration is in the approved organizational structure of the CHMSC and the third (3rd) ranking position in said organizational structure, [the personnel is] qualified to be designated as Chairman of the BAC by the Board of Trustees of CHMSC.