NPM 034-2007

Requesting Entity: West Visayas State University

Issues Concern: Reconditioned Offset Machine



Whether the WVSU is allowed to procure a reconditioned offset machine for its printing and publication needs.

The procurement of second hand equipment is not expressly prohibited by R.A. 9184 and its IRR-A. Therefore, WVSU is authorized to procure a reconditioned offset machine, without need of securing permission from the GPPB.

However, procurement of second hand equipment, although permissible, must be procured through public bidding, unless circumstances warrant the resort to any of the alternative modes of procurement.

Further, it must be noted that the procurement of the foregoing equipment must be covered by an adequate warranty to assure the procuring the entity that defects shall be corrected by the supplier or distributor within one (1) year after the performance of the contract, as provided in Section 62.1 of the IRR-A (GPPB NPM 007-2005 dated 24 January 2005).