NPM 037-2007

Requesting Entity: Mr. Vicente G. Hisula

Issues Concern: Observers' Non-Entitlement to Honoraria



Whether an NGO representative, who is a member of the BAC of a municipality, is entitled to receive an honorarium.

We would like to clarify that an NGO representative may not be appointed as a member of the BAC . However, representatives from NGOs may sit as observers. x x x.

Section 15 of R.A. 9184 and its IRR-A and the [DBM Circular 2004-5A dated 7 October 2005] categorically provide that payment of honoraria may be granted to the members of the BAC, the BAC Secretariat, and the Technical Working Group. In the enumeration of persons who may be granted honoraria, observers are not included.

Thus, in GPPB NPMs 3-2005 dated 13 January 2005 and 11-2005 dated 10 February 2005, this Office opined that observers are not entitled to honoraria to maintain their independence.