NPM 025-2007

Requesting Entity: Office of the City Legal Officer of Iloilo

Issues Concern: Procurement of Services of an Architect



Whether the services of an architect to prepare and submit a plan/design for the new City Hall building is required to undergo competitive bidding.

In accordance with Section 10 of R. A. 9184, as a general rule, procuring entities shall adopt public bidding as the general mode of procurement. Alternative methods shall be resorted to only in highly exceptional cases provided for by law (Section 48, IRR-A, R. A. 9184). Among the alternative methods of procurement provided under R. A. 9184, procuring entities may resort to Limited Source Bidding or through Negotiated Procurement in the procurement of consulting services.

The determination and approval on the method of procurement rest with the head of the procuring entity, upon the recommendation of the Bids and Awards Committee, whenever justified by the conditions provided in R. A. 9184 and its IRR (Sections 12, R. A. 9184 and 48, IRR-A).