NPM 044-2005

Requesting Entity: PRONET Systems Integrated Network Solution, Inc.

Issues Concern: Rating system in the procurement of goods



Whether or not a point allotment system may be employed during the evaluation and/or post-qualification of bids in the procurement of goods.

As can be gleaned from the provisions of R.A. 9184 and its IRR-A, bid evaluation for the procurement of goods is for the sole determination and identification of the Lowest Calculated Bid. This shall be done by arranging the calculated bid prices arranged from lowest to highest. Clearly, no rating system may be employed by the BAC during bid evaluation since it is only in the procurement of consulting services where the ranking of bids shall be based on numerical ratings.

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Clearly, other than being what exactly the law avoids, nothing in the rules sanction the use of additional criteria during the evaluation and/or post-qualification of bids which were not set out at the beginning and were not provided in the bidding documents. Moreover, the point allotment system is directly contrary to the provisions of the law specifically in the procurement of goods and infrastructure. The law intends to employ a non-discretionary mechanism in these kinds of procurement.