NPM 029-2004

Requesting Entity: Public Estates Authority

Issues Concern: Posting at the G-EPS of Procurements Conducted through Alternative Methods



1. Whether or not posting at the G-EPS website of procurements conducted through alternative methods is mandatory.

It is clear from the above-quoted provision (Section 21.2.4, IRR-A) that posting at the website of the procuring entity, if any, the G-EPS, and at any conspicuous place reserved for that purpose in the premises of the procuring entity concerned is required even for alternative methods of procurement. The only posting requirement from which alternative methods of procurement are exempted from is the posting or advertising in a newspaper of general nationwide circulation.
As such, it is evident that even for procurements by way of alternative methods, posting at the internet, specifically, at the G-EPS website or at the website of the procuring entity, if any, is mandatory.

2. Whether or not requesting of quotations may be simultaneously done with the posting at the G-EPS website if the procurement is conducted through shopping.

There is apparently no prohibition provided under Section 52 [of IRR-A, R.A. 9184] regarding the simultaneous conduct of posting at the G-EPS and requesting for quotations from suppliers or contractors of known qualifications.

In this regard, it is our opinion that a procuring entity, in employing shopping as an alternative method of procurement, may request for quotations from suppliers of known qualifications simultaneously with the posting of its requirements at the G-EPS.