NPM 037-2004

Requesting Entity: Philippine National Oil Company Exploration Corporation

Issues Concern: List of Pre-selected Consultants with Expertise in Coal Development and Mining



Request for a list of pre -selected consultants with expertise in coal development and mining.

We appreciate your efforts to comply and implement the procurement rules and regulations introduced under R.A. 9184 and its IRR-A, specifically the invitation to bid from a list of pre-selected suppliers or consultants with known experience and proven capability on the requirements of the project, which should be submitted to and maintained by the Government Procurement Policy Board (“GPPB”). However, we wish to inform your office that no such list has been submitted to and maintained by the GPPB as of date.

Accordingly, in order to prevent delay, inconvenience or hiatus in your procurement of the aforesaid project, your office may, in the meantime, secure the list of consultants from a relevant government authority which has expertise in consulting services for coal development and mining. If upon diligent search and inquiry, you find that no relevant government authority maintains such list, your office must confer with and seek advice from the Confederation of Filipino Consulting Organizations Inc. (“COFILCO”) for assistance. In the absence of such list from COFILCO, then your office may draw up its own list of consultants engaged in this kind of project.