NPM No. 015-A-2019

Requesting Entity: Heads of Procuring Entities

Issues Concern: Procurement of Motor Vehicles under Administrative Order (AO) No. 14, series of 2018



Procurement of Motor Vehicles under AO No. 14, s. 2018

Procuring entities may only proceed with their procurement activities (regardless of procurement modality) for the Covered Motor Vehicles if they have posted bid notices before 4 June 2019. On and after said date, the procurement of all Covered Motor Vehicles, including those previously bidded but was not awarded or the contract for which was terminated, shall be made through the Procurement Service (PS).

Section 6 of AO No. 14, s. 2018 provides that the centralized procurement by the PS shall cover motor vehicles use for the following purposes: (a) Exercise of executive functions; (b) Transport of personnel, equipment, supplies, products and materials; (c) Transport of sick and/or injured persons; (d) Patrol operations; and (e) Firefighting operations. However, Section 3.5 of Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Budget Circular No. 2019-3 states that motor vehicles of specific uses not mentioned above may be identified by the DBM Secretary for inclusion in the centralized procurement through the PS.