NPM No. 012-2019

Requesting Entity: Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG)

Issues Concern: Conduct of Market Study for Consultancy Services



Whether there is an umbrella organization of consultants for the following sectors, namely: (i) disaster; (ii) environment; (iii) infrastructure; and (iv) management that is recognized by the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB)

At present, the GPPB has no recognized consultants’ umbrella organization. The Board has likewise not received any new application for recognition from other umbrella organizations.

Procuring entities (PEs), as part of their procurement planning activities, should conduct a market study or industry scoping to determine the availability of Filipino consultants in the field covering their procurement project, as only the absence thereof from the market justifies resort to foreign consultants or firms, as well as to ensure the most advantageous terms for the government. Accordingly, the PEs should not simply rely on the GPPB recognized umbrella organizations and may in fact validate the capacity and expertise of existing consultants and firms vis-a-vis their consultancy requirements through the conduct of market study or industry scoping.