NPM No. 027-2018

Requesting Entity: Games and Amusement Board (GAB)

Issues Concern: Interpretation of the term Third Ranking Official for appointing a Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Chairperson



Whether members of the Board, namely the Chairman and Commissioners, are all first ranking officials, or the Chairman is the first ranking while the Commissioners are the second ranking, thus making all the Division Chiefs third ranking officers

[A]s long as the positions as represented are existing plantilla positions within the organizational structure of GAB, the Commissioners and the Division Chiefs are either second or third ranking permanent officials. Either way, they are both qualified to be designated as BAC Chairperson, however, the difference in salary grade should not be the sole consideration in determining compliance with the ranking requirement, but should also take into consideration the organizational structure, nature of work, degree of responsibility, and classification and functional relationship of positions.