NPM No. 015-2018

Requesting Entity: Insurance Commission

Issues Concern: Procurement of Radio Advertisements



What is the appropriate mode of procurement for Radio Advertisement Projects?

Negotiated Procurement under the "Scientific, Scholarly or Artistic Work, Exclusive Technology and Media Services" modality, as an alternative method of procurement, may be resorted to by the PE upon determination of the existence of the conditions, including the procedures for the conduct thereof, as set forth in Sections 53.6 and Section V(D)(6) of the Consolidated Guidelines for the Alternative Methods of Procurement (Guidelines) or Annex “H” of the 2016 IRR of RA 9184. Thus, Section V(D)(6)(a) of the Guidelines provides, in part, that “[t]o justify the need to procure through this negotiated modality, the End-User shall conduct a market study and determine the probable sources. This study should confirm that the supplier, contractor or consultant could undertake the project at more advantageous terms. In all cases, the market study must be conducted prior to the commencement of the procurement process.”

[T]he procurement for radio advertisements may be conducted through Negotiated Procurement (Media Services) after the PE establishes compliance with the requirements under Section 53.6 and Annex “H” of the 2016 IRR.