NPM No. 043-2016

Requesting Entity: Mechanical Handling Equipment Co. Inc.

Issues Concern: Secretary`s Certificate



Whether the President of the Corporation can sign the Secretary`s Certificate as an attachment to the Omnibus Sworn Statement.

The President of a corporation is the executive of such juridical entity and is charged with overseeing the complete operation of the organization. The authority to execute the decisions of the Board is lodged in the President of the corporation. As such he may execute a President`s Certificate in lieu of the Secretary`s Certificate, certifying the authority granted to the representative, and that he/she has been granted full power and authority to do, execute and perform any and all acts necessary and/or to represent the prospective bidder in the bidding. There is no prohibition under the rules that a corporation may submit a President`s Certificate instead of the Secretary`s Certificate, provided however that the Certification will contain the same language as what is prescribed under the IRR and the Philippine Bidding Documents.