NPM No. 132-2017

Requesting Entity: MS. LORY L. SAMPIANO

Issues Concern: Method of Procurement



Request for guidance on the procedure for changing the method of procurement to an alternative method of procurement.

[S]ection 48.3 of the same IRR provides that the method of procurement to be used shall be as indicated in the approved Annual Procurement Plan (APP). If the original method of procurement recommended in the APP was competitive bidding but cannot be ultimately pursued, the BAC, through a resolution, shall justify and recommend the change in the method of procurement to be approved by the HoPE. Such changes must be reflected in the APP to be submitted to the GPPB, pursuant to Section 7.4, which states that:

    Changes to the individual PPMPs and the consolidated APP may be undertaken every six (6) months or as often as may be required by the HoPE. The respective end-user or implementing units of the Procuring Entity shall be responsible for the changes to the PPMPs, while the BAC Secretariat shall be responsible for the consolidation of these PPMPs into an APP, which shall be subject to the approval of the HoPE. Changes in the APP, if any, for the budget year shall be submitted to the GPPB in July of the current budget year, and in January of the following budget year.