NPM No. 114-2017

Requesting Entity: Land Transportation Office

Issues Concern: Eligibility Documents



Whether the submission of Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) Certificate of Registration (Platinum Membership) along with Class “A” Eligibility Documents which were already expired, and another set which are valid and updated may be favorably considered in rating the bidder as having `passed` the eligibility requirements

[F]or all procurement projects advertised and/or posted after the effectivity of the Government Procurement Policy Board Circular No. 07-2017, a combination of PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration and Class “A” eligibility documents is allowed. Thus, bidders with Platinum membership shall submit their Certificate of Registration and Membership in lieu of their uploaded file of Class “A” Documents, or a combination thereof, in case any of the Class “A” Documents have already expired.