NPM No. 112-2017

Requesting Entity: Department of Education Division of Zamboanga del Sur

Issues Concern: Bids and Awards Committee Composition



Qualification of an Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Assistant Schools Division Superintendent to chair the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) of the Department of Education (DepED), Division of Zamboanga del Sur, Region IX

[I]f the plantilla position currently occupied at the DepED Zamboanga del Sur Division, that is, as Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, is at least a third ranking plantilla position in the Division, you can validly serve as BAC Chairperson even though the designation made by the Honorable Secretary was on an OIC basis. [T]he nature of the appointment or designation is of no consequence, regardless whether the appointment is permanent, temporary, co-terminus, by way of secondment, or as OIC, so long as the plantilla position being occupied conforms with ranking requirement provided for under the procurement law and the rules, the official or personnel may serve as BAC member, or in this situation as BAC Chairman, if the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent plantilla position is at least third ranking within the Division`s Organization.