NPM No. 109-2017

Requesting Entity: Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

Issues Concern: Repeat Order



Whether Repeat Order can be used as an alternative method of procurement for the purchase of additional four (4) units of service vehicle

The use of Repeat Order may be resorted to as long as the Procuring Entity (PE) can justify the existence of all the conditions warranting its use and provided that it will comply with all the requirements prescribed under existing rules, including other government policies and issuances relative to the acquisition of motor vehicles. In this regard, the PE may verify if there is a need to seek another authority and approval for the purchase of the additional vehicles pursuant to Administrative Order (AO) No. 233, s. 2008, implemented by Budget Circular No. 2017-1 (which repealed Budget Circular No. 2010-02 s. 2010, as amended by 2016-05 s. 2016; and National Budget Circular No. 446 s. 1995, as amended by National Budget Circular No. 446-A s. 1998).