NPM No. 102-2017

Requesting Entity: City Government of Pasig

Issues Concern: Sale of Bidding Documents and its Standards Rates



Whether there are other laws or provisions that allow the Head of the Procuring Entity (HoPE) to adjust the range of the ABC and its corresponding cost of the Bidding Documents provided for under the Guidelines on the Sale of Bidding Documents (Guidelines)

Section 4.5 of the same Guidelines provides that: “[P]rocuring Entities are proscribed to adopt any internal rule or practice that establish fees that are inconsistent or beyond the standard rate for the sale of Bidding Documents set forth in these guidelines.” Hence, Procuring Entities are prohibited to adjust the range of ABC and their corresponding Bidding Documents fees, since the standard rate for the sale of the Bidding Documents on a fixed range of ABC are already provided for in the Guidelines.