NPM No. 098-2017

Requesting Entity: Bureau of Fire Protection

Issues Concern: Clarification as to Threshold of Procurement of Regional Offices of National Government Agencies



Threshold of procurement of National Government Agencies (NGAs) particularly in the Regional Office level for the procurement of goods and infrastructure projects

Competitive bidding, as the default method of procurement, may be utilized regardless of the amount of the Approved Budget for the Contract. On the other hand, the applicable threshold for NGAs in Shopping under Section 52.1(a) is Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (200,000.00); and, Shopping under Section 52.1(b) and Negotiated Procurement under the Small Value Procurement modality is One Million Pesos (1,000,000.00)

The procurement amount or threshold for regional offices of NGAs with decentralized procurement would depend on the limitations provided in the delegated authority.