NPM No. 097-2017

Requesting Entity: Municipality of Bocaue

Issues Concern: Clarification on PhilGEPS Membership



1.    Whether or not a merchant, registered with Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) under red membership only, with no intention of upgrading to platinum membership, participate in government procurement

[S]hould the Procuring Entity conduct its procurement activity through Competitive Bidding, Limited Source Bidding or Negotiated Procurement under Two Failed Biddings modality, and the bid opportunity was advertised and/or posted from 28 October 2016 until 30 April 2017 or 02 September 2017 onwards, bidders with PhilGEPS Registration (Red Membership) may submit the Class “A” documents provided in Section 8.5.2 of the 2016 revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 9184 in lieu of the PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration under Platinum Membership. In such case, the Certificate of PhilGEPS Registration (Platinum Membership) shall be submitted during the post-qualification stage of the bidding process.

However, if the bid opportunity was advertised and/or posted between 01 May 2017 and 01 September 2017, submission of the PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration is mandatory, hence, failure of the bidder to submit the same is a ground for disqualification.

2.    Whether or not the merchant needs to renew its red membership in order to participate in government procurement

For alternative modes of procurement in Section 54.6 of the 2016 IRR, bidders registered in PhilGEPS under Red Membership may be eligible to participate considering that what is required is the “PhilGEPS Registration Number” only. However, award of contract is subject to other documentary requirements as provided in the 2016 IRR of RA 9184. It is important to note that Red Membership in the PhilGEPS has no expiration unlike the Platinum Membership which must be renewed annually.