NPM No. 078-2017


Issues Concern: Grant of Honoraria



Whether the Chief of the Procurement Services of the MMSU holding a plantilla position of Administrative Officer V can claim honoraria as BAC Secretariat Head.

The DBM has issued the Guidelines on the Grant of Honoraria to Government Personnel Involved in Government Procurement through DBM Budget Circular (BC) No. 2004-5A. As provided under Section 5.6 thereof, BAC Secretariat members are entitled to receive their respective honoraria provided that they “are performing the attendant functions in addition to their regular duties in other non-procurement units of the agency.” The DBM Circular also provides that BAC Secretariat members whose positions are in the Procurement Unit of the agency are not entitled to receive honoraria; instead, they may receive payment for the overtime services rendered pursuant to such BAC Secretariat work.

Hence, the Chief of the Procurement Services of the MMSU is not entitled to receive honoraria as such position is within the Procurement Unit of the agency. Nevertheless, he or she may claim for the payment of overtime, to be funded from the sources identified under Section 6 of the DBM Circular, for services rendered in relation to BAC Secretariat work.