NPM No. 068-2017


Issues Concern: Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) Registration



Whether it is mandatory that all suppliers be registered with the PhilGEPS in relation to projects to be procured through Shopping and Small Value Procurement.

For Shopping under Section 52.1(b) and Small Value Procurement as a Negotiated Procurement modality under Section 53.9 of the 2016 IRR of RA 9184, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, contractors and/or consultants, regardless of amount of the ABC, are mandated to register with PhilGEPS and provide a PhilGEPS Registration Number as a condition for award of the contract.

Under Section II of Appendix “A”, Annex “H” or the Consolidated Guidelines for the Alternative Methods of Procurement embodied in the 2016 IRR of RA 9184, the BAC shall indicate in the Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) at what stage of the procurement process the documentary requirements, including the PhilGEPS Registration Number, must be submitted, i.e., submission of offers, evaluation of offer/s or before issuance of Notice of Award.