NPM No. 066-2017


Issues Concern: Annual Procurement Plan



Whether your procurement activities undertaken in 2017, in preparation for an event in January 2018, should be included in your Annual Procurement Plan (APP) for 2017 or 2018.

[T]he PE may start its procurement activities immediately after the NEP has been submitted, provided that the HoPE has approved the corresponding indicative APP for the succeeding year, in this case 2018. Subsequently, as soon as the GAA, corporate budget, or appropriation ordinance, as the case may be, is approved, the indicative APP shall then be revised and approved as the actual APP in accordance with Section 7.2 of the 2016 IRR of RA 9184.

The procurement activities undertaken in 2017 in preparation for the PE’s event in January 2018 shall be included either in the APP for 2017 or indicative APP for 2018, as the case may be, depending on the applicable General Appropriations Act (GAA) under which the appropriations for the project had been authorized. And in case of early procurement activities, denominated as “procurement short-of-award”, once the GAA for 2018 is finalized, the indicative APP for 2018 must be revised and finalized to become the actual 2018 APP before awards of contract are made.